You'll always be a distant third on his list of priorities, behind the drugs and the money. Remorse, conscience, and second thoughts are not generally emotions that a drug dealer can afford to have.

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You say that "deep down," he's not a bad person, but how far are you willing to go, to actually PROVE that? Are you willing to put your life and your future on the line? This guy is never going to make you happy, I think I can promise you that A criminal is such a catch. Do you like visiting people in prison? He's well on his way. Not only does he sell drugs, but he does them himself. No good end can come of this. Get a grip, and some self-esteem!

Definitely not a man to take home to mom and dad. Now, to end the preaching Let it go before you get hurt.

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People may well have died, and most certainly completely wrecked their lives in order for him to provide you with the things he has given you. You WILL get caught up in it. The question is not "if" but "when". It would be interesting to see who he loves most Wouldn't be surprised if you did not come top of the list, and that will be the way until Mr PC Plodd comes knocking. As much as you say you love him, your life is on self destruct mode if you stay.

You are living very dangerously, and I have no doubt you will also be encouraged to take up this habit, if you do not already. You are on a very slippery slope downwards and you have got to start holding on to what you have got.

I would give him the ultimatum, you or his drugs. See how much he loves you then. Yip you're right it is blood money. I f you believe that this person is not bad then you're looking far too deep down Drug dealers are scum my dear. His designer clothes are costing people their lives and families their loved ones. Why doesn't he go and get a job and pay some tax and try not killing people. You sound like a naive girl but please take it from me..

Make the right decision By staying with him, you are condoning his actions. By accepting his gifts, you are knowingly condoning the activities used to purchase them. You are also an accomplice - even if you do not help him, you are failing to report a crime you know is taking place. You may love who he is - but you cannot separate who he is and what he does.

If you can't bring yourself to turn him in, then the least you can do is separate yourself from him - let him know that you cannot date someone who participates in illegal and harmful activities, and end the relationship. I know you love him - but you need to love yourself more, because for him drugs will always come first.

Let me tell you something as the sister of a drug addicted brother. He has caused enormous heardbreak and worry in our family for years and years. People like your "lovely" boyfriend are a major contributor to families all over the world that suffer because of addiction.

If you can love someone like that, then you will deal with the consequences sooner or later. Related Questions Am I wrong to be dating a drug dealer? Is there something wrong in dating a drug dealer? Im dating a drug dealer???: If your sister was dating a drug dealer..? Can I get arrested for dating a drug dealer, addict?

Answer Questions What would you do if your partner cheated in you, twice? I knew that wasn't possible, but I let it go and let it calm my mind. A few months later, in May, Sasha's family had a memorial for her. They had cremated her and wanted to celebrate her life when the weather was nicer. They planted a tree in her honor. It was bright and beautiful, like she was. I went, and I was numb the whole time. It wasn't real to me. I felt awkward when I approached her parents to give them my condolences.

In June, I decided to get a tattoo in her memory: One July morning, as I walked out of the house to go to work, two men approached me and one of them said my full name. I stood there looking at them. My whole body felt weak, and I knew my face had gone pale. The man went on to say things about selling Sasha the patches, and then he told me I was under arrest. They followed me into my house to let me drop off my purse and wake up my dad up to inform him I was being taken into custody by the federal agents. When I arrived at the U.

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Marshals office, I was interviewed, and I cried the entire time. Then they took me to get processed; they took a swab of my DNA, fingerprinted me, took a mugshot, and got other personal information. I was told to undress, take my piercings out and do the whole nine yards, including the squat and cough. I waited for what felt like hours before my court-appointed lawyer arrived. He talked to me for a couple minutes, and then I was taken into the courtroom where they did the initial hearing.

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I stood there in shackles and handcuffed, crying hysterically. I was released on a bond to my parents with them being my third-party custodians. For the next year, I would be drug-tested, see my therapist twice a month and my psychiatrist monthly, be in various group therapies for both mental health and drug addiction, go to the probation office for monthly visits, and have home visits from my probation officer. I wouldn't leave the house unless I had to for appointments or if accompanied by one of my parents. The following March, I pleaded guilty to one of my charges.

I was told I would be sentenced mid-summer.


I went to a meeting they held at the courthouse for offenders expecting to go to prison so I could learn what to anticipate when I got there. They mentioned things like how to deal with other inmates, correctional officers, and rules, contraband, etc. I was the only female in attendance. The July weekend before sentencing was all about relaxing and just enjoying the presence of the ones I love. I spent my last free Friday with my best friend and her mom, playing Blokus.

Am I wrong to be dating a drug dealer?

On the morning of Tuesday, July 29, , I woke up and got ready for court. I was shaking with anxiety and had taken all the medication I had to help with it. My mom dropped me off at the probation office so I could do my last urine test and talk with my probation officer.

Then I walked to the courthouse and talked with my lawyer before court was in session. My best friend gave me a crystal that was supposed to help with legal problems and negative outcomes. My godfather gave me a coin that had a saint on it for protection. The whole procedure lasted about an hour. I was given time to express remorse about my crime. The prosecutor asked for 60 months, but my sentencing guidelines only called for 6 to 12 months in prison.

The judge said that although my crime involved a death, I was being sentenced only for distribution. He ended up giving me an upward variance, and I received a month prison sentence. Throughout the last couple of years, I've learned a lot — that addiction can destroy your life. I went from being a stable college student with a job and my own place to an unstable drug addict with no job, sleeping with dealers or stealing money from my family to fuel my habit. I realize now that even though I made a huge mistake, I can move on and become a better person.

I am a felon in the eyes of the government, but that is not all of who I am. I don't have to be stuck with a stigma. I can and will be what I want to be. Asking for a friend Typical day back then, relaxing on my friend's mattress with the fur babies, getting high and being happy. What to Read Next.