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Let's explore the amazing Bahawalpur and one small tip: Utterly Beautiful and amazing, this fort is not to be missed. The Fort was built by Deoraj, a prince of Jaisalmir.

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It was in possession of royal family of Jaisalmir when it was captured by Abbasis in As per Bahawalpur Gazetteer , in the Fort slipped from the hands of Abbasis in the reign of Nawab Bahawal Khan due to his pre-occupations at Shikarpur. Nawab Mubarak Khan took the stronghold back in The lofty and rolling battlements made of thin red bricks, ten on each side of the fort are visible from miles around.

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The circumference wall is about 40 meters high. There are two old vintage guns mounted on pedestals in the dusty courtyard of the Fort. On the western side are small underground cells now infested with bats and wood being eaten by termite. As per the fable the secret to change metal into gold was told to Prince Deoraj, it is believed that there is treasure hidden somewhere.

Go and explore it. If you want to have mughal feeling, go to Darbar Mehal. The mehal itself is under the control of Pakistan Army, but its grounds are a popular tourist attraction since they provide proximity and excellent view of the architecture that resembles that of the ancient Mughalai Forts, and is on par with the typical fusion of East Indian and Arabic architectural techniques that were prevalent in the subcontinent during the s. Darbar Mahal was commissioned by Nawab Bahal Khan V in , and was one of its kind among other forts that had been built around that time.

The least you can do it is take your wife to visit and dedicate the trip to her.

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We hope it works. When in the evening the lights get on, life gets on at Noor mahal. It is rich with a beautiful collection of arms and a few of the muskets and swords displayed on walls. A beautiful mosque exactly like the Aitchison College was also added to it. It is a hotel, a park and a museum attracting millions of visitors each year.

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School, colleges and university trips are arranged to this historical palace every year. If you haven't spent an evening in its lawn sipping mint Margarita and looking at this marvel, you are missing some real thing. The most elegant building and the prime attraction in Uch is the tomb of Bibi Jind Waddi. Since Jind Waddi is a popular name in this region so we believe, this name would be the most appropriate. It is described by the historians that her mausoleum was built in The basic structure of her tomb is built by bricks, embellished with stunning glazed tile mosaic.

The building is erected in three octagonal stories with lower storey supported by rounded and sloping corner turrets. The second storey was supported with a narrow gallery for walking round and the third is a hemispherical dome, which crowns the building. There is an aesthetically carved wooden mehrab in the West wall.

Basically it follows the typical pattern of Multani architecture on which the tombs of Hazrat Rukn-e-Alam and Baha-ud-Deen Zakria are built.

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The outside walls of the tomb are completely covered by glazed blue colored tiles while the turrets are surmounted with a bunch of broad flowering leaves. The city's Quaid-e-Azam Medical College was founded in Bahawalpur mangoes , citrus, dates and guavas are some of the fruits exported out of the country.

Vegetables include onions , tomatoes , cauliflower , potatoes and carrots. Being an expanding industrial city, the government has revolutionised and libertised various markets allowing the caustic soda, cotton ginning and pressing, flour mills, fruit juices, general engineering, iron and steel re-rolling mills, looms, oil mills, poultry feed, sugar, textile spinning, textile weaving, vegetable ghee and cooking oil industries to flourish.

In , the city's population was estimated to have risen to , from , in They were previously converted to Islam but fearing to return to their Hindu roots they settled down in Multan as weavers. Bahawalpur emerged as a centre of Chisti Sufism following the establishment of a khanqa by Noor Muhammad Muharvi in the mid 18th century.

After Partition , a number of Deobandi institutions from Jalandhar and Ludhiana areas relocated to Pakistani Punjab, including to the cities of Multan and Bahawalpur. In recent years, there have been a growing number of Deobandi institutions, from which jihadis recruit a considerable number of militants to fight in Afghanistan and Kashmir. There are to madrassas in Bahawalpur belonging to Deobandi and Ahl-e-Hadith orientations, many of which teach a violent version of Islam to children.

He established a 4. Bahawalpur was announced as one of six cities in Punjab whose security would be improved by the Punjab Safe Cities Authority. It hosted a sole international match, a test match between Pakistan and India in Motiullah hockey stadium is in Bahawal Stadium which is used for various national and international hockey tournaments in country.

Aside from the cricket ground, it has a gym and a pool facility for the citizens. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the princely state, see Bahawalpur princely state. For other uses, see Bahawalpur disambiguation. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Retrieved 4 February Sights in the Sands of Cholistan: Bahawalpur's History and Architecture. Inscriptions of the Early Gupta Kings.

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A Biographical, Historical, and Administrative Survey. Univ of California Press. Imperial Gazetteer of India The History of Bahawalpur: Historical Dictionary of Pakistan. Calcutta Central Press Company, limited.

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Bahawalpur Division and Bahawalpur District.