We are very open and she would tell me. She discusses their relationship in great detail with me. I do however worry about this decision. Will she be limiting her opportunities?

They are planning on TTC after the wedding, and she will be consumed with caring for children rather than travelling or focusing on work. I worry what others will think. I was curious to get the opinion of other bees on the issue.

What You Must Know Before Dating an Older Man

Is a 20 year age gap too much? Stop worrying about the age gap. Your daughter is going to live her life how she wants to with this guy, without him, or with another guy. But at 25, she has the right to make this decision on her own and free from judgement. They sound like a good match from what you have said.

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My Darling Husband and I have a 23 year age gap. We are well suited to one another and have been happy together for 11 years now — married almost three.

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  • I think my parents would have a cow if he was So while I wish so much we werent 13 years apart, I cant imagine being with anyone else. Be on her team no matter what and be there for her for whatever comes.

    (Closed) Daughter Marrying a Man 20 years older. 25 & 45.

    My parents have made it clear they have my back no matter what i choose and that means so much. People do have careers and do travel while and after having kids. Yes the mother-daighter bond is very unique and special.. Are you worried about the age gap, or are you worried about them trying for a child immediately presumably due to him being 45?

    Would you be concerned if she married someone of similar age and still wanted a child immediately? People have children at 25 all the time, and still live fulfilling lives and continue with their careers afterwards.

    Why Do Women Choose Older Men?

    Yes, she will be limiting her opportunities if she starts TTC immediately. It sounds like they love each other.

    Does she know you have reservations about it? I have a little different perspective, as my dad was 22 years older than my mum.

    Age Gaps In Relationships

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    Daughter Marrying a Man 20 years older. 25 &

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