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What I've been doing is if I enter a playlist and if I dont find a match within 5 minutes or so I restart, that seems to be working. I've been searching for 3 hours.

Patch Notes

I find the best way is to hard reset your Xbox. If You are unfamiliar what you do is turn off your Xbox, and then unplug it once it is off. I usually find a couple games pretty quickly then have to hard reset again. The game is broken in general.

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  • Playlist Changes.
  • Is Matchmaking Still Down??
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Also they made a post showing when you go into a matchmaking game whether or not if it says "in lobby" in the top right corner and you have boxes underneath ur name or if it doesn't say that. If it doesn't back out and try again until it does that will increase ur chances of finding a game.

Cool, It Looks Like 343 Has Fixed Halo MCC (Matchmaking Fixed, and 4K Update)

I have been finding games relatively pretty fast following these steps. Possibly stupid question, but how come the game messes up when the 'host' leaves? I thought it was using dedicated servers? Aug 27, 4.

Aug 27, 5. Falconxcrunner09 , Aug 27, Aug 27, 6. So it's worth it now? Aug 27, 7. Aug 27, 8.

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It'll be interesting to see if the population rises significantly after it moves to Game Pass. Props to for actually trying to fix the game, but fuck them for releasing the game in its broken state.

They knew full well it was a shitshow and they still put it out there. AngryXenomorph , hipcrime , havoc00 and 1 other person like this.

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  2. Is Halo Down Right Now?!
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  5. Is Matchmaking Still Down? | Halo: The Master Chief Collection | Forums | Halo - Official Site.
  6. Aug 27, 9. ZackMorris , Aug 27, Aug 27, I think I downloaded the game again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Flynn2Doucet , Aug 27, I still love hopping on every now and then for some H2. Can't wait to play this!

    Halo Mcc Matchmaking Still Down

    Electroacoustic , Aug 27, After 10 years they finally fixed it. Now 4 people can return back, bringing the total of 6 players worldwide. TrooltheTrollLegend , Aug 27, Totally going to check out the enhancements. TheVert , Aug 27, I haven't played 2 in forever but I'd still wreck everyone here. AssassinAltair , Aug 27, Have they added a custom game server browser?

    I played Halo PC religiously for like 10 months because of that feature and honestly it was the only time I actually had fun with this series.

    Halo Mcc Matchmaking Still Down

    Aug 28, B-Mitch , Aug 28, Nice I might try the games again to play in 4k. LewisHamilton44 , Aug 28, NintendoNick and LewisHamilton44 like this. NintendoNick , Aug 28, Last edited by NintendoNick , Aug 28, I actually want to play this. Fuhgeddit , Aug 28, Turok , Aug 28,