This will effectively connect your amplifier and subwoofer together.

How to hook up an amp and sub to a stock stereo.

Just fire up a song that you know and like and set the knobs on your amplifer and the back of your subwoofer so that you get a good sounding mix from your system at a volume you like. I hope this helps! Ah, not a big issue. In that case from the output of your rolls use an all RCA piggy back: Connect one end of that to your Rolls and the other to your amp and then using a normal RCA the same way I described in the previous method connect your sub to the piggy's back's plugs and your amp and sub will now be linked and you can control their volume from the playback device PC, Phone, CD, etc or from the knobs on the rolls.

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KwebbleKop July 21, You can connect a speaker to line level converter in parallel with the bookshelf speakers. If you have a center console in your vehicle, you can hide the cable under it. You may want to keep a few small zip ties on hand to secure the cable. With the power cable in place, the next thing is run the ground wire.

How to Install a Subwoofer With Built in Amp | It Still Runs

This short wire connects to the chassis of your vehicle and most people use a seat bolt to ground. Just take a bolt out of where the seat connects to the floor, then put the wire in place and screw the bolt back in. Make sure you got it nice and tight and that the ground wire is touching exposed metal.

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Painted metal may cause some grounding issues. If you absolutely must, you can drill a hole and install your own grounding, but be extremely careful when doing this.

Car Audio Defined By A Chick

Now that your amp has power, you need to connect it to your stereo so it can process the sound and send it on to the subwoofer. Most modern car decks have at least one set of RCA connectors on the back, and you just run the RCA cables from there to the amp. If you want to run speakers other than a subwoofer, you may also need to run more speaker wire from the amp to the speakers.

Some stereos have a "power on" cable that runs to the amp and turns it on whenever the stereo is on.

How To Wire Speakers and Subwoofers to Your Amplifier - 2, 3, 4 and 5 Channel - Bridged Mode

It all depends on what kind of stereo you have and whether or not the connection is available. Double check all your connections to make sure they are tight and secure, then reconnect the battery terminals in reverse order. Start by connecting the positive terminal, then connect the negative terminal.

The very last step is to insert the in-line fuse, and you are ready to go. Now crank up your vehicle and get ready to start thumping.

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You may have to tweak the audio settings on your stereo, depending on what kind you have. It usually takes a minute or two to adjust the sound the way you want, so pick one of your favorite songs for calibrating.