The Art and Science of Speed Dating

On a cold, rainy night in December , a dedicated band of scientists and storytellers met at The William Vale in Brooklyn. While all too brief, our speakers managed to talk about problems they work with, what these seemingly obscure problems mean for the rest of us, and—perhaps most exciting for storytellers—the all important human drama behind the scenes. Speaking of human drama, The Exchange places attendees into groups by handing out numbered keys.

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At this event yours truly reunited with a long-lost cousin, a SAG card—carrying actress turned software developer. But on to the event! Betul Kacar, an astrobiologist at Harvard University, researches astrobiology, or the biology of alien life forms.

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Unfortunately Earth is short on actual alien wildlife at the moment. So her lab looks at the next best thing—ancient bacteria from when Earth was a very different place.

She let us know what to look for to find life on planets very different from ours today. Her work is a long overdue pushback to the concept that animals do not experience emotions as humans do—a stance for which there is no evidence and substantial evidence against. While many writers and entertainment pieces focus on intelligent life on other planets, her work reminds us that other forms of sentient life are closer than we think—chimpanzees sharing our awe at dramatic landscapes, elephants grieving over lost family members, and so on.

And as always, you can stay connected with IRI on Twitter.

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What a clever way to do networking. Awesome article, i would have to agree with you on all points.

With that being said, i met my girlfriend now of 4 years, online and honestly i definitely am grateful for online dating…lol. Your email address will not be published.

Science Speed Dating – Exchange

Climate , General Earth Institute. Cut from the same cloth?

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Another speed dating duo. Get our newsletter I'd like to get more stories like this. August 29, at Online Dating Miami says: February 7, at 3: Participants certainly had a lot to talk about — at the end of each round, most were reluctant to move on to the next candidate. Michael Kohl , an experimentalist at the University of Oxford, made a number of connections even before getting his post-hoc matches.

12.5.17 Science Speed Dating

He particularly liked the mix of participants — mostly senior postdocs and junior professors. Indeed, most participants had a hard time limiting themselves to three matches. That requires collaborating with experimentalists using a variety of approaches. Giovannucci, who has developed calcium-imaging software for the neuroscience community, says the conversations helped him figure out what experimentalists need the most.