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They met at mixed netball, so it stands to reason that you'll meet someone there, too!

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If you, like me, have returned to study at the ripe old age of 33, chances are you'll be assured that you'll meet someone in the lecture theatre. Imagine my delight, then, when it turned out the only single men in my undergraduate course were either 21 and under or over 50 and really into yachts. I'll report back about the graduate study "scene" when I start in February, but I'm not holding my breath.

Also, Anakin Skywalker knew what was up: It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere. Have you seen what happens to people who talk in art galleries?

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There's a puff of smoke and a trio of small women over 65, wearing Issey Miyake pleats and red-framed glasses, appears and collectively tells you to "Shhh! This is the sort of place you'd drop by for coffee or a drink, even if you weren't staying at the hotel. There are plenty of smartly dressed, warm and professional staff milling around to help.

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Many of the hotel's themes, including its fantastic logo, are built around the story of The Bolton, one of the first immigrant ships to arrive here, landing in The logo incorporates the legend of Sophia Harris, one of its passengers, who brought a cutting of her favourite rose with her from Britain, planted in a potato. Now known as the Harris Rose, there's an example planted in a small garden, with a plaque, next to the hotel.

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You can learn more about The Bolton in the lobby — there's lots of material to read, a perfect replica of the ship, and a copy of its passenger list. A great feature is the in-room iPad mini loaded with an interactive Bolton Hotel app which has a personalised welcome message, weather details, compendium, and lots of information about the hotel and the area.

You can do all sorts of things from the app — order room service, an umbrella, restock the minibar or the toiletries, book a taxi, lodge a maintenance request, organise a table at the restaurant, get fresh flowers, or choose to "Be Green" so your towels aren't replaced. The Bolton has rooms over 19 floors made up of eight room types.

Top of the line is the sq m Residence Suite, an apartment with two bedrooms, bathrooms and balconies, and a dining table for eight, while at the other end of the spectrum is the Sleep and Go Studio, which comes with a queen bed and ensuite with a shower.

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All suites have full kitchen facilities. Managing director Warwick Angus is the nephew of one of our most famous painters, Rita Angus, and her wonderful portraits are hung throughout the hotel. What's in the neighbourhood? Wellington is one of the most compact, accessible cities in the world, and you can pretty much walk anywhere in under half an hour from the hotel.

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I walked along the waterfront to Te Papa, and within just a few minutes are the Beehive, the main train station and Lambton Quay. I'd recommend turning the other way and heading up the hill, either via the Cable Car or on foot. The pressure is not left up to an individual to stress over. All you need to do is book a date that suits you.

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